Let's create a better

One financial plan at a time

Sunny Avenue exists to connect you with the best advice. No matter what your background is, your age, level of wealth, or income.
We believe you should have a professional to call upon for support with your financial triumphs and tribulations.
It all starts with us finding out a bit about you.

How it works

If you are looking for help with a specific area of your finances, select the relevant category, and answer the relevant questions. If you’re unsure and need some general help, complete the FULL SUNNY FACT FIND. The Full sunny fact find asks you 20 questions all about your finances. The more detail you provide, the better.
We use the answers you provide us to assess the areas of your finances where a bit of love and support will go a long way for you.
Sunny Avenue arranges for the most suitable adviser to say hello and start putting your financial plan together.
Your name and contact details are kept confidential. Our terms and conditions for using the Sunny Fact Find can be found here.